Opportunities for Motivation

The Power of Persistence: Lessons from History

Burgess educates from stories of World War II Prisoners of War (POWs). Drawing lessons from their combat and captivity, Val immerses you in their narratives, drawing parallels to your own life which illustrate how courage, resilience, and embracing adversity can catalyze profound personal change.

Speaking Events

What this includes:

Val Burgess transforms lives through her speaking, sharing impactful testimonies of former World War II prisoners of war. Focused on courage, resilience, and forgiveness, she inspires audiences to navigate challenges. These stories, rooted in history, offer invaluable lessons applicable to personal growth and decision-making. Burgess's platform empowers individuals to embrace adversity and create positive change, foster hope and self-discovery.

Educational Programs

What this includes:

Val Burgess offers tailored educational programs for a diverse audience, spanning from children to college students and incarcerated youth. Through reading, writing, research, and speaking engagements, she imparts the wisdom of mastering life's challenges from those who have faced extreme adversity, fostering courage and resilience. Drawing from the experiences of World War II prisoners, Burgess emphasizes the importance of breaking the cycle of overindulgence to emotionally strengthen future generations. Her expertise extends to symposiums and military reunions, where her insights inspire audiences seeking wisdom and purpose. Burgess's mission is to empower individuals to embrace adversity and find value in life's struggles.

Military Well Being

What this includes:

Val Burgess equips military personnel with tools for navigating life before, during, and after service through insights into resilience and personal development. By sharing real-life combat narratives, she encourages exploration of these themes.

Emphasizing unconditional forgiveness, Burgess guides individuals toward mental wellness and emotional resilience. Drawing from World War II veterans' experiences, she illustrates forgiveness's transformative power in overcoming trauma.

Forgiveness, as described by a former prisoner of war, involves surrendering to a higher power, sharing one's story, and embracing forgiveness for personal growth. Burgess highlights forgiveness as a path to personal liberation and fulfillment.


What this includes:

Val Burgess presents a research workshop using Radio Tokyo Letters from the Wars' Voices archive. Participants delve into content-driven research, uncovering history through texts, online resources, and National Archives. The journey begins with individual stories.

In this workshop, Burgess employs a historic and research-based approach to teach participants how to embrace adversity for a simpler, more loving life. Attendees learn to dissect challenges, view them differently, and embrace adversity as a means of personal growth.

Attend Burgess's workshop where participants practice skills for resilience and to liberate themselves from fear in their everyday lives. They escape from self-imposed limitations, leading to increased gratitude and a more joyful existence.

Podcasts & Interviews

What this includes:

Our target audience, drawn to historical narratives and military history, seeks valuable life lessons. With a focus on self-improvement, leadership, and historical insights, Burgess’s Wars’ Voices Archive offers a wealth of content for presentations rich in historical facts, POWs’ lessons learned, and the skills forged through extreme adversity.

Burgess’s World War II content not only provides historical insight but also cultivates resilience and practical wisdom applicable to professional and workplace challenges.

In need of a facilitator, panel moderator, or educational director? Val Burgess is your gal!

Clubs or Groups

What this includes:

Wars' Voices archive is not just a repository of historical records; it's a vast reservoir of inspiration waiting to be tapped. Within its depths lie countless stories of courage, resilience, and human triumph, each offering a unique opportunity to deliver a program tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you're looking to motivate your team, evoke deep emotions, or bolster resilience in the face of adversity, Val Burgess is here to help. With her expertise and passion for storytelling, she can curate a presentation that resonates with your audience on a profound level.

By choosing Burgess to build your inspiration, you're not just selecting a facilitator or a speaker – you're investing in an experience that will leave a lasting impression. So why wait? Reach out today and let Burgess unlock the potential of Wars' Voices archive for your next meeting.

Empower your audience with Val's dynamic presentation style

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