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The Power of Persistence: Lessons from History

Burgess educates from stories of World War II Prisoners of War (POWs). Drawing lessons from their combat and captivity, Val immerses you in their narratives, drawing parallels to your own life which illustrate how courage, resilience, and embracing adversity can catalyze profound personal change.

Values and Strength

Find value in these people’s stories. Understand why their life experiences affect us today.

Historical Landscape

Let the history of World War II Prisoners alter your life.

Lesson's Learned

Find importance in learning from those that came before you. How can you apply those everyday lessons to your life?

Words from the Audience

"Val not only teaches the history of World War II POWs, she also offers ways in which you can change your life through modeling these men’s qualities and values."
- Lynn Gordon

Ignite Your Potential: A Journey of Motivation

Speaking Events

Val is available for live or virtual events, conferences, retreats & reunions, and podcasts.

Educational Programs

Val works with your educational-based programming for youth & adults, as well as incarcerated youth.

Military Well Being

Valuable historical-based instruction for military personnel, symposiums & military events.


Val works with planner on specialty workshops & panels for your event, business, institution or organization.

Podcasts & Interviews

Book Val for your podcast, Facebook Live or TV show. Deep dive into the WW II POW history and life lessons.

Clubs or Groups

If you are part of a clubhouse or board of directors, book Val Burgess as a guest speaker or moderator for your meeting.
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Sharing experiences, delivering growth.

In a world besieged by chaos and adversity, the stories of World War II prisoners of war (POWs) stand as towering monuments of resilience and triumph. Their harrowing experiences, marked by unimaginable hardship and unwavering determination, offer invaluable lessons in the power of the human spirit to transcend even the darkest of circumstances.

In a motivational speech inspired by their courage, we delve into the depths of their struggles, exploring how they found strength amidst despair, unity amidst isolation, and hope amidst uncertainty. Their journey becomes a profound metaphor for our own lives, reminding us that no matter the obstacles we face, we possess within us the capacity to endure, to adapt, and to emerge stronger than before.

Radio Toyko Letters & thousands of messages

Theirs is a legacy of courage, sacrifice, and unwavering determination—a legacy that will continue to inspire and guide future generations for years to come.

The topic, echoed by the audience

The audience shares their experiences of transformation and growth. Unfiltered feedback and the true testament to Val's presentation.

I can without any reservation or element of empty praise, congratulate you on one of the best oracle presentations I have ever heard! It was a rare joy to hear such a finely crafted oration!
Jason Green
Gulf War Vet
Val has gathered amazing stories of adversity, resilience, courage, dedication, and service from people who served in wartime. Veterans of World War II are increasingly rare. If you and your people could use encouragement, and support for dealing with adversity, (and who doesn’t these days?), I would say Val’s your Gal, and you should get in touch.
Donnell King, MS, DTM
Confidence Cultivator
Val Bugess's stories of World War II veterans are riveting. She makes history come alive. I recommend her storytelling for youth of all ages. Adults will be spellbound as well.
Vera Thomas
Vera Thomas Show, 24x Best Selling Author, Life Coach, International Speaker, Trainer

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